Adam Knee | Web Developer & Designer Extraordinaire


I'm Adam.

A Web Developer & Designer Extraordinaire.


My Story

Hello, I'm Adam Knee. I'm a web developer & designer extraordinaire! I'm a creative person, but what makes me different from every other person with an imagination? Well, I act upon my creativity and imagination by conjuring them into useful things. Whether it be artwork, logos, websites, products or other useful items, you can be assured it will meet its intended needs successfully.

Basing myself in Pittsburgh, I attended Pittsburgh Technical Institute for a degree in Multimedia with a concentration in Responsive Web Design & Development. Scroll onward and you will see that I am a creative web developer & designer extraordinaire. Feel free to call me or email if you would like to chat. I hear over coffee or beer is a good way to do such a thing!

Know The Real Me

  • My last name is in fact, "Knee". This is no joke, it's pretty cool, I know.
  • I'm really into health and fitness. You can check out my fitness Instagram here. Be warned though, some pictures may be considered explicit!
  • I enjoy reading and listening to audio books in my spare time or while coding projects. My favortie series is "The Kingkiller Chronicle".
  • My favorite sport to play is Hockey but I also really enjoy playing Ultimate.
  • I'd choose the DC Universe over the Marvel Universe any day. This is only because I really wish I had the speed force like The Flash.




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