Derek Jones

Four words for anyone who might see this. CENTRIPETAL DISCS FOR LIFE! #CentripetalDiscs

Review Posted On: 09-14-25


Adam Smith

My only complaint is that there isn't a 'Lightning Red' disc... THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME! I love the 'Lightning Blue' disc, blue isn't my first choice for color but it is such a good disc. Recommend Centripetal Discs to all my friends.

Review Posted On: 06-28-15


Tanner Woodworth

Really good disc. Very durable and very well built. Awesome. #StayCentripetal

Review Posted On: 06-13-15


Chelsea Howard

Everything with the 'Red-Star' disc is ergonomically correct and flies great. This disc is amazing! Great quality and it never breaks!!

Review Posted On: 03-17-15


Julie Chent

I ordered a few discs because I have seen centripetal discs used by some of the top players. They are great and really elevate my game! Super happy with them. I have 'The Flying Saucer', the 'Lightning Blue', and the 'Siberian Tiger' disc. Thanks Centripetal Discs!!!

Review Posted On: 02-15-15